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As mentioned in the personal description, I am an opinionated prick, so this website is going to be used as a platform where I can go into more detail about said opinions. I will usually keep my opinions in the realm of data and data analysis and data science.

Besides that I will also post technical tutorials on how you can analyse and automate data analysis, data transfer and data gathering using code. I usually use R and Python (with maybe some SQL for good measure) and for the technical articles I will expose the code. As a rule of thumb, that most likely will be broken I will try to use the two languages as follows:

  • R

    • data analysis
    • data manipulation
    • data visualisations
  • Python

    • engineering part (e.g. web scrapping)
    • machine learning

If you have any ideas for which you would like my input you can get in contact with me here.

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